MGP organise several conferences each year.

Our Leaders’ Conference is to serve and equip church leaders in their task of leading healthy local churches – open to all.

Our Partnership Days are to develop and deepen us as a gospel partnership and have the specific focus of pursuing and furthering our vision of seeing healthy local churches in every Midlands community – open to senior leadership of partner churches/organisations and those considering joining.

Our men’s convention and women’s convention encourage men and women to live for Christ.

ONLINE Men’s Convention ,

10am-1pm, Saturday November 7th.

 We’re very thankful that John Stevens, National Director of FIEC and a Midlander himself, will be helping us as Christian men by speaking from the Bible on this title: 

There will also be the opportunity to either join, or hold your own*, discussion groups between the two main talks.

*A really good way of using this convention would be to get some guys together, maybe as a church group, and have your own Zoom discussion groups, or perhaps (if current ‘rules’ allow) even meet in person to watch and discuss the talks together.

At 12.30pm there will be a live Q&A session with John Stevens, where he will answer questions that we can send in to him through the morning. 

The convention will be FREE
But in order to access the content you will need to register. 
You can find out more details and register by visiting: