Midlands Ministry Training Course (MMTC)

MMTC is a one day a week training course. It runs over 32 Tuesdays in Birmingham or Thursdays in Nottingham in 3 academic terms. It can be taken over one or two years. Download the MMTC flyer for more information.

Lectures come from around 25 different lecturers, the majority of whom are church ministers in the Midlands.

MMTC is designed to help men and women understand and teach the Bible.

MMTC runs in two centres:

Taking it further

Announcement: Until Christmas 2020, MMTC will be delivered fully online, via Zoom. In light of the government’s ongoing restrictions this seems the sensible thing to do. Positively, we hope it also makes MMTC more accessible to more people across the Midlands, and applications remain very much open! We will keep students updated about plans for January 2021.

No particular academic qualifications are required to undertake the MMTC. Course participants must, however, share our conviction that the Bible is the true and living Word of God, and have a commitment to Bible-centred ministry. Applicants will be expected to have the support of their church leader (who will be asked to supply a reference on their behalf) for their participation in the course.

The 2020/21 course will run as follows.

Autumn term : 22 / 24 Sept – 8 / 10 Dec    (H-T 27/29 Oct)

Spring term:  12 / 14 Jan – 23 / 25 Mar   (H-T 16/18 Feb)

Summer term:  20 / 22 Apr – 6 / 8 July     (H-T 1/3 June)

The cost, which covers all course material, is £600 (or £200 per term) and we do ask you to put a down payment of £90 when signing up, which will be deducted from the course termly cost. (£170 to pay per term)

To apply,  fill in the online application form,

Course Leader

Paul Hancock : MMTC course leader, MGP's Director of Training.
Paul Hancock

MMTC course leader, MGP's Director of Training.

Should you have more questions regarding the MMTC course, please do get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you.