MGP Annual Conference

Next Annual conference is planned for May/June 2019.

Our last conference aimed to encourage us and equip us. For the whole church family whether you’ve been a Christian a few weeks or many decades – we thought about why it is that Christ’s love compels us and received practical help in how we can speak about Jesus and point others to him.

“Christ’s love compels us” said the apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 5: that’s why he told others the good news about Jesus and sought to persuade them to turn to Christ.

We will all know something of that: being compelled by the love of Christ. But it can be really hard! Particularly when people seem unreceptive and disinterested it’s easy to lose heart and rather than Christ’s love compelling us instead we can just feel guilty and incapable when it comes to evangelism.

Our main speaker was Roger Carswell. Roger is a proud Yorkshireman who lives in Horsforth to the north-east of Leeds. He is a fulltime evangelist, telling others about Jesus and helping Christians and churches to point others to Christ.


You can listen to the conference talks here.