Leaders’ conference

 Wednesday 23rd January 2019
10am - 4pm
Monyhull Church, Kings Norton, Birmingham B30 3PS


Christians get stuck in patterns of sin. We know that. We encounter it all too often in other.

Sometimes, as church leaders, it becomes our reality as well: being stuck in sinful and ungodly patterns that we half want to get out of but don’t seem to be able to


Main speaker will be Tim Lane, President of the Institute for Pastoral Care, USA. Tim will help us to become ‘unstuck’, so that we can help others also and lead the godly lives to which God calls us to.

In the FREE evening session ‘Living without worry’, Tim will help us to discover why we worry and how you can replace it with an experience of real, lasting peace in all the ups and downs of your life.


Conference is for all involved in church leadership and would also be particularly helpful for those involved in pastoral care.

Tickets cost £10 per person for partner churches and £15 per person for others.

Leaders’ Conference 2019 ticket


Partner Church

Leaders’ Conference 2019 ticket




The last conference, held in May 2018, was called Multiply.

During our time together we were thinking about growing local church ministry and how God might want to use church planting and church revitalisation within the Midlands. We also prayed for the areas of the Midlands where more gospel churches are most needed.

You can listen to the conference talks here.

Download conference notes – Gospel Vision and Gospel Courage