Growing Young Disciples

Sat 2 March 2019, 10.00-16.00

Cornerstone Church, Nottingham NG7 1FP

Everyone longs for a ‘Happily Ever After’ – and the great news of the Gospel is that remarkably through Jesus it’s possible! But not everyone has heard the Gospel, many don’t believe, and the reality for them is far removed from happy. We’re going to spend the day with Graham Daniels (General Director of Christians in Sport and Staff Member at St. Andrew the Great Church in Cambridge) looking at Heaven and Hell, how we can teach these core Gospel truths to the young people we serve, and why these truths should motivate us in our ministries.

Programme Details:

Session One: Keynote Address

1000 – 1115

Graham Daniels will look at the reality of Hell and the urgency of the task we have in Gospel ministry

Session Two: Seminars

1145 – 1245

Teaching Heaven and Hell to 0-4s

Teaching Heaven and Hell to 5-7s

Teaching Heaven and Hell to 8-11s

Teaching Heaven and Hell to 12-14s

Teaching Heaven and Hell to 15-18s

Lunch: Opportunity for 121s with experieicnced practioners

Session Three: Practical Workshops

1345 – 1445

1. Equipping Teens to share the Gospel

The most effective way to reach young people with the Gospel is with other young people – so how can we equip the teens in our care to do just that in their schools and colleges? How can we help them to stand for the truth in an environment that is becoming increasingly hostile to the Christian faith.

2. Standing for Truth in a Relative Culture

Claiming an absolute truth in our relativistic society is a quick way to make yourself unpopular! So how can we hold to and teach our young people the truths about Heaven and Hell in a cultural context that will not only disagree with us but hate us for it?

3. Understanding the Pastoral Implications of Heaven and Hell

Many of the young people we serve will have experienced the death of someone close to them. This workshop will consider how we sensitively handle the subject of Heaven and Hell with those who will have questions about what’s happened to the person they love.

4. Getting the Gospel into Secondary Schools

It’s getting harder and harder to teach Christian Truth in Secondary schools. This workshop will give all sorts of practical advice and ideas as to how you as an individual or your church can be part of making this happen.

5. Growing Young Disciples – what’s the point?

This workshop will take you back to basics and look at why we do what we do. This is perfect if you are new to helping with Children’s or Youth Ministry, this is your first time at the conference, or you’re an old hand in need of a refresh.

6. Getting the Message Across

How can you take the truth of the Bible and explain it to young people? This workshop will help in the task of writing a talk (particularly for teens but still useful for Children’s work) that will faithfully get the message across.

7. Managing behaviour

A constant pressure for anyone working with young people is maintaining discipline. This workshop will focus on practical strategies to help the children and teens to enjoy the time they have with you and be in the best place possible to listen to what you have to say.

Session Four: Keynote Address

1515 – 1600

Graham Daniels will encourage us to keep going in Gospel work by keeping our eyes fixed on Glory.