Annual Conference 2018 day ticket


    1. Your story, my story, the story - Our society is one that loves stories and where everyone has stories to tell. How can we listen well to what others are saying, share effectively our own story of what Christ has done in our lives and point others to the story of what God has done in Christ?
    2. Sharing faith with your family - Our own family can be the hardest to share faith with – maybe your parents aren’t Christians or brothers and sisters, your children or grandchildren. How can we share our faith with them in a way they can receive?
    3. Witness in the workplace - Many of us spend more time in the workplace than anywhere else. What does it mean to be a good witness to Christ there and what does it not mean?
    4. Being an evangelistic family - Parenting can feel hard enough without also trying to be evangelistic as a family. But is it possible as a whole family to reach out together with the good news of Jesus and what does that look like in day to day life?
    5. Evangelism for the rest of us - Some people seem to have an amazing gift of evangelism... and then there’s the rest of us. How can we be involved in evangelism if we feel we’re too shy or too introverted or too ungifted to do so?
    6. Evangelism through the local church - It can sometimes feel as though evangelism is individual Christians doing their own thing trying to speak to other individuals. What role can and should the local church have?
    7. Q&A with Roger Carswell